When you want to write your novel or your short story, MyStory is your first choice. MyStory.today supports you in your creative process and helps you to keep an eye on your storyline. With MyStory.today you keep things clean and organized - so you can focus on your idea.



Story Management

MyStory.today brings you and integrated story manager. Don't mess around with flashcards or notes. Split your story into multiple chapters and individual scenes to separate parts of the story and have a full overview in the Outliner.

  • Create chapters and re-order them on the fly
  • Split each chapter into single scenes to have an overview about the story development in the Outliner

Character Management

With the character management you can create new characters and add them to your story. And if you change their names later, they will update dynamically

  • Character management
  • Dynamic integration into your story. If you change names later, everything updates automatically