AFOS 2017.2 released


After a full weekend of developing new features, fixing some bugs and improve the user interface, the next alpha version 2017.2 of AFOS – Aliens From Outer Space was released for Android today. All testers will get the new version from the Play Store now. Please share any bugs or problems.

Improved user interface

The new small navigation links on the top-right of the game will give you access to some menus, which are not related to the main gameplay. The new information button will show you the version number of your game and a link to this website. The news button was described in the section before and the last button will show you the game settings.

On the bottom-left you have the main game related buttons. Here you can start the weapon builder where you can configure your weapon based on equipped parts. With the fight button you can start the next invasion.

Aliens attack

From now on the alien spaceships will destroy your buildings if they’re in range. So keep an eye on the health of your buildings. You can see the current health in the status bar above each construction.

After an invasion (fight mode) you have the possibility to repair your building for some money.

Destroyed buildings

If a building is destroyed by alien ships you will see a ruin on this place. The ruin does nothing and has to be removed if you want to use this place for another building. But demolishing this will cost you some money as well. So try to keep your existing constructions in a good structural order,

News section

In the new news section you can read all the latest entries from this blog. So you will be always up to date and stay informed when new features or releases arrived.

Other small enhancements

There is the improved background and a new optimized sky which will increase the game speed a little bit. The new moon works better with the existing style, the mountains and the sky are darker now to improve the visibility of the spaceships.

Some new sounds are there as well: If a building is destroyed, when an alien ship attacks your building and when you destroy an alien ship.


Next big part is the music of the game. There will be music for the build mode and the fight mode, as well as some sound effects when you construct a building (or demolish an existing one). So the next release will be one for your ears – stay tuned.

Get the game for Android:

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