AFOS 2017.3 released


The new version of AFOS 2017.3 brings a big new feature – the new level system. The level system makes things more exiting and will unlock features step by step. You’ll start at level 1 – the rookie level. Here you have two possible build slots and you can construct your first wooden house. After creating your first house, you should set up your weapon and start the fight mode to collect experience. When destroying some alien-ships you’ll increase it and then you’re allowed to unlock some more build slots and Bob’s weapon shop at level 2…

Audio improvements

Another improvement is the music. From now on you have got a relaxing background music when building or repairing your existing buildings and another more exiting soundtrack when fighting against the aliens. Some new / improved audio effects are in this release as well.


  • You cannot access Bob’s weapon shop during fight mode any longer
  • The news reader can show more than one news item
  • The URL of the website in the about section was fixed


The next release will cover the city build system. This won’t be a very complex system but you need e.g. a small wooden house for Bob to keep his weapon shop running. If there are not enough people in your city, Bob has to close his shop so be sure that you keep the people in your city. And if the shop is closed, you cannot buy new weapon parts…

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