This is the first AFOS release in 2017. With this release I decided to switch from semantic version scheme to a custom date version scheme. I use the year and a number suffix increased on every rollout within this year. I’m improving this game continuously and sometimes when fixing a bug I’ll improve some other parts as well before testing and rollout so semantic versioning wouldn’t make much sense here. But let’s check the new features.

The Build Mode

With the new build mode you can set up your city as you want. You’ll start with a blank scenery and can place buildings like Bob’s weapon shop or a simple wooden house on defined places. Currently there are only two slots but the map will be extended in the next releases. With some coins you can construct the buildings. And if you set up Bob’s weapon shop you can visit Bob and buy some new parts for your weapon.

Bob’s Weapon Shop

Bob is an old-school-like Sheriff and you can buy some… er… very well tested weapon parts in his shop. They’re cheap and simple and perfect for the beginning to prevent some alien-ships from landing. The indoor scenery of Bob’s weapon shop isn’t ready yet and will be improved within the next releases. Construct the building and click on the door to visit the shop.

Small improvements and fixes

Last but not least there are small cleanups and improvements. First of all there is no main menu any longer. The main place were you control everything like buildings, weapons or game settings is the main city view. In the alienship-fight-mode your weapon works much better than before. Times like bullet speed or reload speed are calculated correct from now on.

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